Ban Plastic or Die ( Literally )

Avraam J. Dectis
4 min readFeb 26, 2022
Pretty Yet Poisonous

Most people do not fully appreciate the plastic problem. They know we are filling the oceans with it. They know it is killing wildlife. They know the rest of the environment is suffering. They even know there are detrimental health effects. Yet, I think few people genuinely appreciate the injury that is being caused by plastic.

For example, testosterone levels are dropping in men by about one percent per year. That is a stunningly fast drop and it is linked to plastic. It is a very bad thing: .

Here is a fun quote from the link above: “Seventy-year-old men in 1987–89 had an average testosterone level that was almost 100 points higher than even 55-year-old men in 2002–04. Meaning that the average 22 year old man today, has an average testosterone level roughly equal to that of a 67 year old man in 2000. Therefore, it’s likely that your testosterone levels are half of those of your father and undoubtedly significantly less than your grandfather.”

Sperm counts are dropping by about one percent per year. No sperm means no people. This is also linked to plastic:

Fertility rates are declining, in most advanced countries they are below the replacement rate. It is asserted that economic trends and choice are the reason. But, low testosterone and sperm are very likely also the reason. Low fertility rates means an old moribund poor society is what we have to look forward too. Your fat 401K is meaningless if there are no workers to provide services.

Combine the fact that plastic, quickly and obviously, is literally killing us off while also destroying the environment and you have a very good case for broad governmental efforts to ban plastic.

Since we want the plastic out of our bodies the best first efforts to control plastic are to get the plastic out of the food packaging.

That means banning plastic containers that contain drinks, food or anything applied to the human body.

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