MOST DANGEROUS PEOPLE: how to identify

1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

Every day in this country, there are homicides, manslaughters and assaults.

Most of those are committed by assorted dangerous criminals, crazy people, the drunk and sometimes the just plain stupid. They are not the most dangerous people.

Who are the most dangerous people in any society?

Is it the people on the “most wanted” lists?


The most dangerous people are those who adopt an authoritative virtuous pose while spreading hate, fear and hysteria. They can incite great violence in numbers that far exceed their own. They may commit no crime themselves and possibly even profit from their efforts.

Surprisingly, even after all of our historical experience, many countries still lack a mechanism to address that dynamic.

When you hear or read someone talking about “those people” who are somehow responsible for a “society wide threat that endangers us all”, that is the best clue there is.

They may appear concerned for the welfare of society. They may have adopted an authoritative pose. They might be on your television or writing articles for various publications. But because they are disseminating their fear, hate and hysteria widely and influencing many, they are the biggest threat.

We have seen the dynamic so many times it is a wonder it is still not a crime in and of itself. We saw the dynamic in 1930’s Germany. We saw it in the Tulsa Race Massacre, pictured above. We saw it in the drug war where millions, who mostly just needed rehab, were incarcerated and subject to heinous penalties. You can likely think of your own examples.

We see this dynamic today too. I will refrain from pointing out the obvious actors because if I did so you would perceive that I have an agenda, and agree or disagree with me, based on your perception of the alleged agenda. Therefore, I am only sharing the logical framework and you can decide for yourself about current actors.

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Tulsa Race Massacre:



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