TVSTERIA: The Worst Unknown Disease Affecting the USA

There is an extremely widespread and injurious mostly unknown disease affecting the USA.

It is completely self inflicted, as many diseases are.

It is call TVSTERIA . You are likely suffering from TVSTERIA !!!

TVSTERIA is an hysteria of fear, hate and hopelessness brought on by fear mongering news, usually transmitted to your squirming brain via the television.

You may wonder about the dynamics of TVSTERIA.

It is simple. Media want people to watch so they show the most stress and fear inducing things — that will not offend their advertisers or dangerous people. This keeps your eyeballs glued to the screen so they can sell their advertising for more money.

So you receive an endless loop of doom mongering about things that are unlikely to affect you.

Meanwhile the media carefully avoids offending the junk food and plastics industries, which are literally killing us off — because that would offend their advertisers.

Also, anyone genuinely dangerous is also not likely to reported upon. So, when you see certain people endlessly pilloried in the news, you know they are likely actually harmless. That particular dynamic is the proximity effect: The closer a genuinely dangerous thing is to the reporting media, the less likely it is to be reported on, because media people like to avoid death.

The cure?

Turn off the TV and other fake ridiculous news sources.

Go outside, smoke a joint, read a book, go to the beach, listen to music. Anything not mass media fake news. Avoid places with screens everywhere.

Unless you like to wallow in the mental filth of the fake, hysteria mongering, picking on the harmless guy, and avoiding the dangerous guys mass media; It can be the kind of thing you get so used to you cannot imagine living without it — which seems to be most people.

Try not to be their sucker.



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